This candle makes the perfect gift! Not only does it smell amazing, it supports refugees in the US by providing a living wage through candle making, and a portion of each sale goes towards menstrual supplies for individuals without access. It’s such a simple way to empower women and embrace our connectedness. Did I mention it smells amazing?
— -Stacy London, Author, Editor, Fashion Connoisseur 
As a fertility specialist I’m thrilled to offer my patients a candle that uses a special blend of essential oils to balance hormones. Besides offering it in my clinic, I keep one near my bed and get blissful wafts of the scent at night. I love Flo candles and the mission that they stand for.
— Emily Nichols, L.Ac, MSTOM.
As with anything, the beauty of this candle is a reflection of its creator. Damaris has helped me embrace my womanhood not simply with her stunning scents, but with her convicting words that come in every package. I would encourage every woman, at every age, to join the movement and love your flo!
— Kristen Ledlow, Sports Anchor, NBA TV